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Wedding Planning & Design : Full Service Planning and Design

We plan and design your wedding. We focus on the wedding couple, your personality, your own style and your personal story. We want to get to know you, to be able to create a wedding, that represents you as a couple in a very special way. A wedding where you can feel the magic in the air. A wedding that makes history!


We want to ensure you enjoy the planning process of your wedding.

With that in mind, it is our duty to handle the entire process of your wedding, from drawing out your ideas to the wedding day itself. We will develop an individually tailored concept, with no detail overlooked. More over, for any other needs, we will be avaliable through out the entire process, willing and able to serve any desires you wish along the way. You can count on our team, including the professional wedding service providers to supply you with the utmost professional service. Our service consists of two main components:

The planning and the designing of you wedding.


Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner Düsseldorf Cologne Germany

 A special wedding requires a special atmosphere and with this at the forefront of our plans we begin to look for your perfect wedding venue taking into account all of your ideas and wishes. Our broad range of wedding locations will have every desire and more covered. Whether it would be in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen or anywhere else in Germany. We have locations ranging from a beautiful castle with an elegant ballroom, a stunning villa with view on the lake, or a magical outdoor setting surrounded by nature. Together, we will pick a location that fits your story. With our large network of professional wedding service providers, we can provide you with the people that are best suited to fulfill your wishes and desires. And just as important, with our customers best interests in mind we will always strive to provide the best value for money. We prepare a time schedule for you, and we will provide you with new creative ideas that will help your wedding blossom into something truly special. We will always be on your side. During the entire planning progress we guarantee your budget will be followed, making sure you will not have to endure any extra unplanned costs.   



Wedding Design

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Wedding design to us is about creating a magical atmosphere with every detail combining to appeal to all senses. With your wishes in mind we will develop an individual design concept that will guide you smoothly through each step of the wedding process, beginning with the Save- the-Date Cards, as well as the wedding floriculture, and the design of your location all the way through to the acknowledgement cards. We care deeply about the harmony of all the aspects that combine together to create the perfect day, never overlooking the intricate little details.


"We don´t try to design the space. We design the experience of you and your guests."

Day-of-Wedding Coordinator: The support on the wedding day

Zeremonienmeister Wedding Planner Düsseldorf



With pleasure we will support you on your special day. Your wedding day is a nervous and exciting time, imagine the feeling of being able to sit back and savour all of those unforgettable moments knowing that your wedding is under control in the hands of trained professional. We take care of the coordination of all of the wedding service providers, the decoration, the venue, and we are the point of contact for your guests.

The most important: You shall enjoy your wedding, as you would be your own guest.


Celebrate carelessly your most beautiful day of your life with your beloved family and friends!

Wedding Planner light: Wedding guidance for wedding couples

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For couples, who wish to plan their own weddings, we offer wedding guidance.


In advance we would like you to send us the state of planning, so that we can evaluate and plan what needs to be done leading into the first one-on-one consultation. During the consultation we want to answer your open questions, give you important advice, refer to your planning and hand you mandatory checklists.

With pleasure we will support you along your wedding journey helping with creative ideas for the framework of your wedding day. Get inspired!

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